Julie Powell’s, author of “Julie & Julia,” dies at 49

According to a new report in the New York Times, writer Julie Powell, who turned the 2009 book Julie & Julia, starring Merrill Streep and Amy Adams, into a 2009 hit film, died on October 26 at the age of 49. But Powell’s last tweet, sent the day before his death, is getting a lot of buzz on social media as fans are trying to figure out the meaning of this tragedy.

“So I woke up to something that is literally Black Hairy Tong. People, including my doctor, seem to think it’s not a big deal, and will leave soon, but it’s definitely gross. – Powell had tweeted on October 25.

Julie Powell’s Last Tweet Before Her Death

The Mayo Clinic’s website describes the black hairy tongue as an “accumulation of dead skin cells” that accumulate on the tongue, explaining that it may look alarming even though “in general it does not cause any health problems, and it is usually painless.” ”

Many Twitter users started discussing Julie Powell’s last tweet, with some saying his untimely death as well as being diagnosed with a black hairy tongue disease could also be the cause of Covid-19 infection. Others have sought to frame the death due to vaccination by becoming more inclined towards conspiratorial theories about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Based on a search on his tweet, it has been found that Powell’s husband has recently contracted Covid-19 twice in just a month and Powell himself had tweeted about getting the disease in mid-September.

“I woke up like a dog when I decided to go to sleep. That’s how Covid strikes, I guess. Suddenly like. Julie Powell’s had tweeted on September 10.

A few days later she shared another tweet about how painful it is to live with Covid-19.

“Strangely, my Covid is getting worse. Severe headaches, coughs, possible fevers, tiredness. Julie Powell’s had tweeted on September 13.

Powell had earlier tweeted that she had been vaccinated and boosted, and by September 19, the author had tweeted that she no longer had Covid-19.

Many right-wing influencers, such as Tim Poole, have seized the untimely deaths of people in the news and speculated that they died due to the Covid-19 vaccine, and Powell’s death was no different. And although there may be adverse reactions to the vaccine, it is believed to be very rare. Nowadays there are people who almost certainly consider every early death of news to be due to Covid-19. While it is possible that Covid-19 had something to do with Julie Powell’s death, we now have no evidence on either side.

According to BNO News, the US is currently reporting an average of around 39,000 new Covid cases every day, which is now one of the few places that have pooled daily data for the entire country after the CDC stopped providing updates. The seven-day average of death due to the disease is currently 324. America has reported more than 9.7 million Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic, possibly because patients diagnosed at home are not added to the official, with far fewer tele-tellers, and more than 1 million deaths.

Checking celebrities’ last tweets and other social media posts have now become a common phenomenon, especially when those people died at a relatively young age. As just one example, fans of musician Chris Col were stunned when the Soundgarden frontman took away his life in 2017 at the age of 52, as his last tweet showed no indication that he was struggling emotionally. But it only shows how we don’t really know for sure what’s happening inside someone’s head, even though we get historically unprecedented glimpses of their lives through social media.

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